Sol Orr's Pete Rose

Pete was one of four retirees that joined us in 2021 from Twin Creeks Llamas. Donna wrote this about him on their website.

Pete came to us in March 2006. Pete is our smallest llama. He’s jet black and has the shiniest and softest fiber. He’s very popular with the kids. He came to us from the Graustark Llamas 4H program. Pete is super sweet. He is very curious and loves to greet visitors with llama “snuffles”. That’s a typical llama greeting where he puts his face close to yours and blows soft warm air in your face. He had been entered in performance competitions with the 4H kids, but had never worn a pack. We introduced him to a pack before his first hike with us, and he wore the pack all day like he had been born to it. We love Pete and you will too.