Lower Sherwood Farm

Charlottesville, Virginia

Raising champion llamas for more than 35 years.

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Raising award winning llamas since 1986

Lower Sherwood has been owned and operated by the McGrath family since 1986. We chose llamas because we wanted to raise animals that were not intended for slaughter. Specializing in show and breeding stock, we have produced some of the nation's top llamas.

As one of the first llama farms in the country to shear our llamas (a necessity due to the hot Virginia summers), we also produce yarns and finished products available for sale off the farm at local Farmers' Market. Appointments are required for farm visits.

Blog Postings

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Fitz's Arrival

Born on New Years Day, please join us in welcoming our first arrival for 2023, Fitz, to the herd. Fitz’s dam is Miss Bennett (ILR#289562), and his sire is Kingsley (ILR#292709).

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Volunteer Opportunities

We could not do it without YOU! Volunteers are an enormous asset to small farms like Lower Sherwood and we truly couldn’t meet our mission without them. From animal care, to grounds and event preparation, there is always plenty of work to be done and volunteers are the magic that make it happen!

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Introducing Flemming

We’d like you all to meet Flemming! Flemming’s dam is Cricket (ILR#277079), and his sire is Marcus (ILR#278387).

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Meet the Pack String

An image of a llama named Source Code

Source Code

An image of a llama named Pellegrino


An image of a llama named Gryffindor


An image of Rasputin


An image of a llama named Max


An image of a llama named Danny


An image of a llama named Jamieson


An image of a llama named Racer


An image of an alpaca named Draco


A llama named Teriyaki


An image of a llama named Kingsley


An image of a llama named Tucuman


An image of a llama named Booyah


A llama named Defiance


An image of a llama named Thomas


An image of a llama named King


An image of a llama named Chewy


An image of a llama named Longbourn


Services Offered

Llamas are one of the world's oldest domesticated animals. The Incas used them as beasts of burden to haul gold and silver out of the Andes. Today they are still an important part of South American commerce. In North America, their athleticism and sure-footedness make them the perfect hiking companion. There are many llama outfitters in the west that offer extended camping trips either guided or llamas for lease.

We are offering a number of short guided nature walks with llamas both on our farm and at local parks and trails as well as a number of virtual meetings with our llamas for corporate events, K-12 and non-profits, and birthday parties.

In addition, we're also available for llama and alpaca rescue, consulting, scientific, and educational activities.

Our Events


ILR-sanctioned llama show with halter, fiber and performance classes.



The small but mighty fiber festival!


Base Camp

ILR-sanctioned llama show, and PTLA-certified pack trial.


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